Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I think I should calculate how many hours we spend weeding our various garden beds every week. Or maybe not.

The guineas are singing their cacophonous lullaby. The children are settling in upstairs. The frogs and bugs trill down by the pond.

I am tired. We didn't get everything on the list crossed off. But we did get over 25 lbs of potatoes planted-only 2 months late! Only 25 lbs more to go tomorrow. I planted tomatoes. Maggie planted some carrots. We did some schoolwork and ate three meals. Cow was milked, goats were milked. We discovered that our four little lambs don't walk any where-they bounce.

The children are now louder than guinea hens. Better help them settle, then will settle myself.

I wish all my friends could go to sleep listening to frogs and bugs that trill by the pond. But I would never wish for them to have soooo many weeds to pull.

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CountryDew said...

That is a *lot* of potatoes.