Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today we finished our task of cleaning out the barn. Floors are washed down, new sawdust is spread. We have blisters on blisters since the tractor only worked on Saturday, and hasn't revved up since. We think the starter and the starter switch need to be replaced. Maybe Thomas should pray for someone to come over and help Philip with the challenging task of replacing the starter.

Spring is in full swing. Redbuds and dogwoods are blooming everywhere. The ducklings and broilers are now residing in their pasture. Baby goats gambol and frolic, playing king of the mountain on top of their longsuffering mothers lounging in the apple tree field. Guineas scour the woods and fields for bugs.

Not so long-suffering mother shovels and throws out directions to family. Children work much longer than they really want to because the paycheck for all their hard work is a trip to Pop's, a local ice-creamery serving delicious icecream from a local dairy.

We washed up, changed clothes and shoes and piled into the Suburban. Everyone ordered exactly what they wanted; for me:hot fudge sundae with chocolate espresso icecream, plenty of whipped cream, cherry and peanuts on top. And a bite out of everyone else's icecream just for fun. After we finished our banana split, single, double and triple cones, we were still hungry. So we ordered the most incredible grilled cheese sandwiches I think I have ever eaten. What a treat. I think we have discovered a new family tradition. Supper at Pop's after barn clean-up, mandatory dessert first.

Once we got home, off to do chores. I headed to the garden to weed and mulch. The moon is growing. Hard to tear myself away, what with all the hours of garden chores that remain to be done. Never mind. Off to bed. Tomorrow is another day.


Julie said...

My garden is actually coming up! The patches where I dumped the shavings from the chicken yard are doing so well. The soil this year is rich and loamy and each time I dig a little hole for a plant, I uncover several earthworms. It feels so awesome to use the waste from the chickens to make the garden produce. And not a bag of fertilizer in sight. I had a bag of potatoes sprout a couple of months ago, so I set up a potatoe bin, and they are growing up throught their layers of leaves fabulously.

Julie said...

And keep up the hard work!! You are such an inspiration to so many of us and have added a richness to my life that I'll never be able to repay. Love you girl!!

Debbie Millman said...

I wanna go to Pops. But I don't think I've worked hard enough.