Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I thought it was March winds...

I have to write about a fun milk and honey moment.  

Sunday we had our farmer group meeting at our house, potluck.  I love potlucks.  So much fun sharing food with friends.  The crazy wind had the power going off and on all afternoon.  After guests went home, Philip and the big kids took off to church and guitar lessons, and my sister and her husband went to town for a movie, Rose and Nora and I were left all alone.  The electricity quit right as everyone drove out the driveway.  The winds wailed.  The dark crept in.  We pulled out lots and lots of candles and lit up the dining room and living room.  Ate homemade pita bread and applesauce.  Discussed options.  Decided to take turns playing piano by candlelight.  Fire crackled.  Candles flickered.  Girls and mom cuddle around big old piano making music.  We decided it would be nice if the electricity would go out for a few hours at least once a week.

 Thank God for the wood stove and candles.  We pray for all the people whose lives have been so disrupted by weather the last couple of weeks..  And for all the men and women working so hard to fight fires, repair power lines, take care of sick people.  

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