Thursday, January 17, 2008

Whiter than Snow

We had a beautiful snow storm today. 5-7 inches of fluffy flakes blanketed the farm. The ducks were so curious as they waddled out of the chicken yard toward the frozen pond. It was much easier swimming through snow than swimming on a frozen pond. it was also much easier getting children out to sled than to get them to sit at the table for schoolwork. One of the funniest moments of the day was when I saw the steers tearing through the fields, running back to the barn. Seeing them run through the snow,kicking their heels was pretty cute, but not nearly as funny as the sight of the pig, trotting behind as quickly as possible, trying to keep up. Our pig thinks she is a cow.

My nicest moment today was this evening, walking back from the barn, quiet cushioned nighttime, glittering all around me. Peace. Thank you God for blankets.


Debbie Millman said...

sometimes I feel like your silly pig...never make her into bacon! she sounds too cute.

Redhen said...

Oooh, Ginger, knowing you I know that piggy will be bacon eventually. The blog is very nice, funny nothing was there when I checked earlier today. I'm up to my elbows in kids (goats) and not quite as philosophical about farm life today. Things should settle down soon.