Sunday, December 2, 2007

Love in the time of deer hunting

You know, it makes me laugh quite a bit thinking about the way we men and women sometimes misunderstand the whole idea of his needs/her needs. It also made me think about the many times I do things expecting a reward from someone and then end up disappointed because I didn't get what I wanted. "Do everything as unto the Lord." I want to be careful and look to the Lord for my pats on the back. He is so faithful to see the heart efforts. I don't want to put so much pressure on others that it is impossible for them to ever measure up.

It also makes me laugh to think about how 5 kids, a few tragedies, marriage counseling and most of all God's grace have definitely made it easier for Philip and me to know what makes each other happy to be together at the end of the day. Sure am glad for God's grace that covers over all our crazy expectations.


Debbie Millman said...

Good for you for getting your blog inspire me. Enjoy the writing and the place to express yourself. I'll keep reading!

"D" said...


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